The International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger (OIAD): a review of its first few months in activity

Faced with the worrying situation of lawyers around the world and concerns that the right to defence is not respected, it was self-evident that the International Observatory for Lawyers in Danger needed to be created. It forms part of lawyers’ response to attacks they are subject to the world over. It embodies the solidarity of lawyers from around the world and speaks on behalf of all individuals committed to the rule of law and the principles of a fair trial.

The Observatory for Lawyers in Danger is an initiative of the French National Bar Council, the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (Spain) and the Consiglio Nazionale Forenze (Italy). Launched in 2015, the purposes of the OIAD are to defend lawyers who come under threat because they practice their profession and to denounce situations which are detrimental to the right to defence.

The OIAD has been operational for a few months now, and carried out its first actions in the summer of 2016, which was marked by unprecedented repressions against the profession, especially in China and Turkey. The OAID has issued 16 releases concerning 11 countries. For the most part, these releases were accompanied by letters sent to the authorities of the countries concerned and to French diplomatic authorities, as well as to UN and European Special Rapporteurs. Four international monitoring operations were carried out at the audience of lawyers being prosecuted in Turkey. A joint declaration was signed at the Congress of the Pan African Lawyers Union in Nairobi.

The OIAD is an inclusive structure, and is open to all bars and associations which are committed to or wish to commit themselves to defending lawyers who are under threat. To this end, the Statutes provide different membership categories :

- “Active member” for bars or national bar councils, a status which grants the right to vote at general assemblies, provided the annual membership fee has been paid
- “Active member” for associations, trade unions and international lawyers’ conferences, with neither an annual membership fee nor the right to vote
- “Partner” for all organisations or NGOs which work to protect rights defenders, with neither the right to vote nor an annual membership fee

For all further information : the OIAD is based in Paris. The French National Bar Council and the Paris Bar make two employees from their respective institutions available to develop the network and coordinate its activities. You can contact them on:

You can contact them on :
- Théodore Malgrain ( French National Bar Council) :
- Aurélia Huot (Paris Bar Association) :

The OIAD intends to continue and intensify its actions as new bars and other structures join and strengthen its network and resources. In parallel to the monitoring it will continue to carry out, the OIAD will take part in the next Day of the Endangered Lawyer, on 24 January 2017, devoted to the situation of lawyers in China:

Read the latest releases

- Support for Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Roken, Emirati lawyer
- Support for the lawyers of Pakistan]url:
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- Support for the lawyers of Turkey
- Observing a hearing in Turkey
- Support for Chinese lawyers

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