European and International Affairs Committee

Given the impact and the challenges of international and European debates and legislation on the profession, the Conseil national des barreaux has, from its inception, formed a committee to handle European and international issues.

More about the committee

It is responsible, as part of the international activities of the French bar council :

  • for cataloguing and reviewing all legal texts issued by the European Union, in collaboration with the French Bar Delegation in Brussels, and by international institutions and organizations which relate to the legal profession;
  • for the preparation, in consultation with the bars, of proposals and positions which the French bar council wishes to promote in the international arena;
  • for ensuring ongoing contacts with the French delegation to the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union (CCBE) and with the presidency of the Council.

Action priorities for the 2015-2017 term of office :

  • Maintaining and reinforcing the role of the Conseil National des Barreaux on the international scene
  • Strengthening international actions which serve French bar associations.
  • Strengthening international actions which serve French colleagues.
  • Providing a European perspective to help fuel reflection within the different committees of the Conseil National des Barreaux
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